Video Card Upgrade Advice!?

Hey guys I just upgraded my rig and I need a new video card badly, I mean really bad currently just using an old HD 3650 256MB DDR2 card for my display.

I will be playing MMORPGS, FPS and other action/adventure titles. I will be gaming at 1280x720 and around that screen resolution. My power supply is a 750W Kingwin MK Black Series PSU. Here is the rest of my current computer specs:

Intel i5 2500k @ 4.7Ghz w/ Hyper 212+ Cooler
8GB G.Skill X Series DDR3 1866mhz
Gigabyte Z68X UD3H-B3
HAF 912 Gaming Case

Since I am playing at a slightly lower resolution would a good HD 6870 be a good choice? I was looking at gtx 560 ti cards and 6950s also. What do you guys think I will be buying soon.
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  1. All three are good, the 560 and 6950 better but more expensive. For 1280 x 720 the 6870 is more than enough but maybe you want to play at higher settings in the future ? ( your system, i52500K, is up for it so . . .) I would go personally for the 6950 if i had the money.
  2. In order to unlock a HD 6950 to a 6970 you need to get a reference one?
  3. mf2385 said:
    In order to unlock a HD 6950 to a 6970 you need to get a reference one?

    I believe so, and it isn't very easy anymore getting those i hear.
  4. You can OC it to the level of a 6970 i think.
  5. Hm yeah I had a GTX 560 Ti Hawk which was pretty nice in another system would a nice HD 6950 2GB or 1GB be good? Which are the better company cards to get?

    FYi, just ran another 5 hours of LinX CPU Stress testing and no errors again @4.7Ghz, 1.39V and no higher then 63 Celcius full load. Pretty good I guess.
  6. 6950 is pretty good yeah, i always reccomend the 2 GB, but a lot of people with more computer knowledge dissagree with me on that it seems. The 2 GB will only be usefull when you play at really high settings above 1920 x 1080. There are a couple of games though who want more than 1 GB, but not a lot i believe. On the other hand ; my thought is than ; maybe there will be more in the future so to play save i would take the 2 GB.
    Msi, His, Evga, Sapphire, XFX offers lifetime warrenty in the USA i heard, not sure if it's true. ( i'm going to find out about that, i state it every time, smarter to just find out so i know what i'm talking about :lol: )
    Also there are people who say pay less for a 6870 and oc it to 6950 performance. I don't know, when i have the money for it i like to have the newest card availble even though it cost more.
  7. I see on Ebay a lot of HD 6970s for better prices for then HD 6950s actually. I am looking at either a gtx 570 or HD 6950/6970s atm.
  8. You can buy cheaper on e-bay but it will be second hand or refurbished ones. I always wonder why people wanne sell such a new card allready. . . But still, if your luck is oke try it. ( with my luck i probably open the box and it will burst out in flames or something ) Still looking for the psu, lett you know later.
  9. Euh, i'm doing two threads at the same time, forget about the PSU, that was ment for somebody else.
  10. haha ok yeah I buy new items from Ebay all the time never had a problem. I make sure it is brand new or like new with a good explanation of how new it is or I won't even consider it if it's "like new". I usually just buy brand new items from there.
  11. Which one of these cards would be better for me at 720P gaming resolution.

    HD 6950 or GTX 560 Ti? My budget has now changed to >$300, considering other expenses and the no-need to get a gtx 570 or gtx 580 considering I play on my 32'' samsung hd tv at only 1280x720 or around there. I did have a gtx 560 ti hawk and it performed perfectly.

    I'm considering more an HD 6950 2GB now, but the GTX 560 Ti cards are really good too.

    I might be able to actually afford a HD 6970, that'd be nice and definitely beating out a GTX 560 Ti in performance.
  12. If i had the money i would definitily take the 6970 it's about 15% faster than the 6950 2GB. Only also a lot more money, not sure if it's worth it. But like i said ; if i had the money i couldn't resist it. ( would almost sell a kiddney for that )
  13. But probably to much for what settings you play on, got a bit to enthiousiast by the idea of an 6970. If your planning to keep on playing with these settings it would be probably waisting money actually.
  14. Yeah well I mean I have a nice 32'' Samsung HD TV I play on and at those settings and everything looks amazing on it at the settings I play at. So what do you think I should do money-wise? Stick to an HD 6950 or even an HD 6870 maybe OC?
  15. Real tough one. My hart says 6970 my mind says moneywise the 6870 OC. Even on those settings the 6970 will outperform the 6870 but probably not that noticably that its worth the extra cash. Maybe go for the cheaper 6870 now and when, in the future, you wanne play on different setting buy the card that is the newest one on that moment with the newest chipset. There will be interesting new developments i think.
    But, if i were a rich man ( ladidididadida ) i would go for the more snobbish 6970,if it was only just to brag. :lol: If you gonne upgrade in the future and whant to sell your own GPU, the 6970 will be newer and easier to sell maybe. If i had a wife or girlfriend, i would buy the 6870 and give her a nice present from the money i saved and be assured having a couple of good nights. ( and no bragging when i'm playing for a couple of hours ) ( i really hope now you're a guy, otherwise i'd better run me ... off. ) ;)
  16. I am going to be crossfiring HD 6870 Black Editions, thanks guys
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