Desktop shut off... (small pop, no burning smell)

Hi, I was on my desktop(custom built a couple years ago) and it suddenly shut off and now will not turn on. It's hooked to a KVM switch and when I shut the PSU power button on, the KVM LED comes on, but the PC power button does nothing. What should I check on next?
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  1. Hi there, welcome to the forums.

    Follow the guide here, pay special attention to the PSU part:

    My guess is the fairly obvious. Your PSU blew. Could you list the model PSU you had, as well as other system specs?
  2. What sort of graphics card do you have? What were you doing when the system shut off? More than likely, the PSU is toast. That PSU is absolutely terrible,and no doubt it did blow. Reading the reviews on newegg pretty much tell me this thing is a firework with an unpredictable fuse.

    Even if the PSU is intact, you need to get a new one ASAP. Hopefully it didn't take the rest of your PC with it...
  3. The graphics card is a nvidia geforce fx5200. I bought the parts at the same time as a "combo deal" and is the only reason I got that PSU. I had a feeling it was the PSU when it happened and I will get a new. I was posting images to my webhost when it shut off. (had ftp client, browser, and photo editing application open)
    Thanks for the info. I will try that PSU paper clip test in a bit as I don't have a meter at the moment.
  4. Ok.. I just ran the paper clip test on the PSU and it came on fine. (the case fan+internal psu fans both spun right up) I also made a mistake, the video card is a nvidia geforce GS8400 512mb. I looked over the GPU, and mobo for "burned" capacitors or anything and nothing visual. I am thinking the mobo is fried now (purely guessing) Any other suggestions? Thanks again!
  5. My first suggestion is get a new PSU! That thing is not to be trusted. There are many low cost options available, like this PSU: MUCH higher quality.
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