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Asus p8z68-v micro assembly won\'t power up and a fan cable burnt up.


I got a problem... It's my first build and I just finished building it yesterday. When I tried to power it up, I didn't realise at first, but the PSU was set to 240V..... and at my home, it's supposed to be 120V. So the computer case fans' PSU wire (connected to the CPU slot on the right side in the picture) Burnt out and smoke came out. No lights turned on and the only thing that seems burnt is this fan's wire. Would my motherboard be toast or just the cable?

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  1. Forgot :

    Motherboard: Asus P8Z68 Micto ATX
    Graph card : XFX Radeon HD 6850
    And other stuff
  2. What PSU were you using? some have surge protection and will trip out before it fries the components.
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    So you plugged a case fan into the cpu_fan header and something went pop when tried to start the system because you had the little red voltage switch in the wrong position ?

    Switch the psu over to 110v, disconnect the case fan , connect another fan to the cpu_fan header ( the case fan could be cooked ) and give it another shot.

    ^Sounds like something from Capt.Obvious :lol:
  4. Ultra LSP750 750watts
  5. Obvious, but i'm a noob so thx, i'll try that.

    Also, The wire from the fan to the PCU cable is fine, it's the PCU cable that went pop... same thing anyway?
  6. Also I tried at 115v and nothing started...

    There is a burnt mark on the ground pin of the fan slot on the motherboard.
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