Peculiar Boot Issues Across Multiple Mobos


Quick parts list:

Roommates PC:

Asrock P67 Extreme4 (Old mobo)
MSI Z77A G45 (New Board)
G.Skill 2x4GB 1600 RAM
AMD Radeon 6950 1GB
Corsair 700W CMPSU-700

My PC:

Gigabyte P67-UD3-B3
Corsair 2x2GB RAM 1600
Asus DirectCu 6850
Thermaltake 500W

My roommate started experiencing computer issues a few days back. During this time, we were testing hardware components and swapped PSUs to see if his was failing or not. After determining it was his motherboard failing, we purchased a new one and installed it in his case. At the same time, we swapped PSUs back so we each had our own. During this time, his freezing issues continued to persist, but both computers were operating properly otherwise.

After connecting everything, we went to turn on our PCs and test his out to ensure everything was running properly, and neither of our computers would boot up. When the power button is pressed, the Phase LEDs, the CPU fan, and the Power Button LED all light up for a millisecond before turning off (keep in mind, this is with his new motherboard and my current board).

The first thing we did was check connections. Everything was good. Next we stripped out all the parts, testing with just RAM, CPU/Fan, reset CMOS/BIOS... Same issue. We tested it on his old mobo and, lo and behold, it too was having this problem. We worked our way through every step of the 'READ BEFORE POSTING ABOUT BOOT ISSUES' guide.

We went and bought a new PSU (Antect 25 650W) and ran into the same situation with all 3 motherboards. CPU fan, Phase lights, for a millisecond at most. We decided to leave his old mobo connected to the PSU overnight, with one stick RAM and CPU installed, even though it was still experiencing problems. Oddly, it booted up today and will stay running, while displaying only 'No peripherals connected' error codes.

At this point, we've exhausted our's, and all associates, knowledge of computing. In my mind, my computer should not be experiencing issues, as the only thing that we did prior to the issue occurring was disconnecting and reconnecting the PSU connections. My only thought now is that there was a PSU issue with his PSU, which caused a short on my mobo at some point (and would also explain why the two other boards were not working).

Does anybody have any additional insight they could contribute? We can't think of any other possibilities.

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  1. Just a long shot and may not be relevant, but have you tried either machine in a location that is not on the same wiring as yours?
  2. We have. We tested individually in one room, and again in another. The issue persists in each location.
  3. Right, I was guessing not just a different outlet inside your house, I meant a completely different outlet on a completely different line. Just a suggestion though, couldn't hurt to check.
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