Graphics card question for homebuilt system

I currently own a Sapphire Radeon HD 5770 1gb and it looks like this > [...] 9_zoom.jpg

I'm thinking of buying a XFX HD 6950 2gb...this one to be exact [...] CatId=7005

My questions are:

Is this card worth the upgrade? or should I wait for the 6990 prices to fall? and will this card last as long as the 5770 did? (2-3 years)

Will the XFX version allow me to flash to it from 6950 to 6970?

How much should I asked for a year old perfect condition never overclocked HD 5770? is $100 flat to much or to little?

My rig would be like this if I bought the 6950..

AMD PHENOM II 1090T 3.2ghz
700w Corsair stealth quiet2 PSU
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  1. An upgrade is worth it when the card you want to upgrade to is going to make a good enough performance increase. A good time to upgrade ,with that in mind , is usually when two to three versions have been released. I f you wait for the 6990 prices to fall then you might as well get the new release (7000).
    As far as I know all 6950's can be flashed to a 6970.
    Selling your card for a certian price depends on how much you paid for it and how long you want to take to sell it , the more you want the longer it would take , and it is usually a personal thing of how much you feel it's worth and what you will ultimatly settle for.
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