P8Z77 V LX - windows 8 shutdown/sleep


Just built my first PC, using asus motherboard running windows 8

All appears to work OK - except for windows shutdown and sleep

Any idea's for a solution would be most appreciated.

Confused as restart appears to work OK - but not sleep or shutdown - where the CPU fan seems to continue, keyboard dies and I can't wake the system back up
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  1. I am having the same issue with asus p8h77v
    did you find a solution ?
  2. Someone suggested running powercfg -energy

    had a look at that - but also checked the bios settings including setting up rapid start in bios and also the windows program, plus checked the drivers

    sleep and shutdown working OK - occasionally my SSD whh holds the OS is missing when I start my computer - but generally use sleep.

    I have also set the bios so m keyboard wakes the PC
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