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E6600 vs q6600

Im thinking of getting a gtx 580 graphics card, i have an intel dual core e6600 cpu. Will the cpu bottleneck my card, should i just upgrade to a new motherboard.
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  1. Upgrade Processor, Mobo and RAM, otherwise you'll have a serious Bottlneck on your hands.

    I reccomend a Z68 Mobo, at least an i3 2120 and 8GB DDR3 1600Mhz.
  2. full specs pls
  3. why would you even think of a gtx580 when you are still on a 775 motherboard?
    with a dual core tio boot, not even a q9650, get an 1155 board with a i5 at least
    then you can talk about gtx 580
  4. Thank you all for your answers, youve answered my question. Ill get a complete new system, thank you again.
  5. If you have a good motherboard you could drop in a 45nm Core 2 Quad and OC it assuming you also get a good cooler. If you overclock your current CPU then a GTX 560 or Radeon 6870 are probably the fastest cards that make any sense if you're gaming at 1080p or at least 1680x1050. If your resolution is lower then even those would be held back a bit too much by your CPU in general to justify not going with a cheaper card.
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    I'd say go for it. You'll be throttling the 580. Then when you upgrade your mobo and CPU you'll get the benefits of the new cpu and the unleashing of the 580. If you get a 560 or something then the moment you upgrade your CPU you'll be throttled by your GPU.
  7. Thank you and here are my specs:

    nforce 680i sli
    geforce 8800gtx
    8 gigs of ddr2 800
    e6600 @3.0ghz
  8. the only thing good about that rig is the 8 gigs of ddr2, seriously, if you can get your hands on a c2q for cheap, you can throw a gtx 560/6950 in that bad boi and game away, other than that, full system upgrade
  9. 680sli? Darn. Boards based on that chipset tend to be poor overclockers though you should see how well your particular board overclocks. If it supports 45nm Core 2 Quad CPUs then you may want to get one on eBay or something, but only if your board can do a decent overclock on it.

    If you can though it's best to upgrade your Motherboard, RAM, and CPU. I'd say getting a decent P67 or z68 board with an i-3 for now that you can upgrade latter. Of course if you can afford to go with a 2500k then do it :D
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