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I am looking to replace my GA-78LMT-S2P with either this or
I am slightly confused on what this upgrade would entail, as I have read many different thing on the internet. Would I have to replace the OS? Also am getting a little confused with the dimensions, it would fit wouldn't it?
I brought my PC from vibox on ebay but my PC has gone out of stock. It is very similar to this PC: but with a 2TB hard drive and without Windows 7.
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  1. Any help?
  2. your 78lmt-stp is micro atx mobo ~
    and checked that two neweggs links .. they are indicating to nowhere ..
    what are the two mobos you want to check exactly? in gigabyte web?
  3. ok and i saw you posted two for same question and links in the other are good.
    The two are ATX type and you have to check your case allows ATX in.
    Don't worry about the hole location which fix your motherboard in the case, they are universal but case size will be the concern.
    and they are different chipset types to your older 78lmt-s2p, basically they are AMD chipset types and may accept for your older OS on newer system, however, you will need chipset and other drivers update.
  4. Sorry about the double post, my internet crashed and I was not sure whether it actually posted. Anyway my cases specs say"ATX Form Factor 12" x 10.5" or smaller". So I presume that is fine. Its size is 410 x 200 x 480mm but my case is different to the one shown in the link to ebay. Its a Galaxy Gaming case. But would a 450watt PSU handle the Motherboard?
  5. basically 450W ok but not enough if you want to insert external vga.
  6. Do you mean PSU?
  7. yeh .. your 450watt psu
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