Extreme Frame stuttering while playing games

Here are my Specs:

Toshiba Satellite L640

Intel(R) Core(TM) i3 CPU M350 @2.27 GHz~2.3GHz
ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5650 1GB DDR3

I recently experienced numerous accounts of frame skips in several games I play.

Alliance of the Valiant Arms
Dungeon Fighter Online (2D side-scrolling beat-em up)
Perfect World International

I am wondering what's causing these frame skips.

I monitored my GPU temperature and it's not overheating. 60-72 degrees Celsius
I just reformatted my computer to make sure it wasn't a virus.

I know it's not my internet as I have roommates that play the same game and they are not having these kind of problems.

I ran my card through Furmark stress test: no artifacts but the fps is stays around 5. I'm wondering if that is normal.

Please help me in determining what the problem might be. Thank you
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  1. I would suspect either you do not have sufficient RAM (too many programs running at once or in the background) especially if you are running windows 7. Otherwise it may simply be your internet connection that is stuttering.
  2. I didn't have these kind of problems before. These games were not updated.
  3. Help Someone throw anything u can think of please!
  4. There are too many variables. It could be the internet connection, or the software you are using. But 5 fps in furmark is quite bad, it may show the problem is your gpu. Try testing it under heavy load, and see if the temperatures go higher. If it does, your gpu could be damaged by overheating. Lower the resolution and ingame graphic options, and check again. Anyway, i'd never recommend a laptop for gaming... They tend to be problematic, especially with overheating.
  5. How do I test it under heavy load?
  6. bump
  7. randomEric said:
    How do I test it under heavy load?

    Play a GPU intensive game, perfect world on high graphics can be quite intense, then see your temps from there
  8. Temperature is maxed at 68 at max settings
  9. most likely not enough ram. 2gb is not enough for win7 or vista when gaming.
  10. +1 - I found it 'passable' with 4Gb. When I upgraded to 8Gb it smoothed out somewhat.

    And make sure you have nothing running in the background. A virus check, backups, downloads, etc. will cause this too.
  11. I've found the solution to my problem by disabling APM settings with a program. I just want to ask if disabling the APM will damage my hard drive significantly.
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