Computer turns off during boot

I built my own computer but I am having a minor problem.

I have installed windows 7 and been using the computer for 2 or 3 weeks.

When I press the "power" button the computer will start to boot up for about 10 seconds, then it will shut off. Then it will boot itself and work normally. Occasionally it will do the boot, shutdown twice.

I've tried plugging it directly into the wall (it was behind a surge protector at first), then I tried another socket, but neither of those did anything.

Does anyone have any ideas how to fix this?
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  1. sticky button?

    Clear BIOS

    Check the CPU fan and make sure it is spinning

    Check that the Cooler is set right (it only takes sec. for the CPU to overheat)

    check this things in that order and see what happens

    I have Fixed plenty of computer that have a coke spilled on the power buttons and wont boot properly
  2. Ok, I checked everything and everything you said is working fine.

    When I took my side panel off, and disconnected the fan on that panel; then booted up the computer it worked perfectly, no shutdown.

    With the side panel back on and the fan connected it is booting up fine.

    This has happened before though, I showed my friend this problem, and we encountered the same thing as stated above.

    But when he left it started doing the boot/shutdown routine.

    It seems like it is somehow connected to that fan on the side panel, but it isn't 100% consistent.
  3. is there any kind of case sensor??

    try to connect another fan

    other than that im out of ideas................ :/
  4. actually with more thinking try to take the fan out completely put on the side and see what happens
  5. It turns out a faulty RAM stick was causing the problem.
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