Gtx 560 and kingston 30gb ssd or gtx560ti 1gb with hdd

here are the specs
intel i5 2320
corsair value select 2x2gb 1333mhz
seagate 500gb 3gb/s
xfx pro 550w

the doubt is whether to add gtx 560 with a 30gb ssd for os or gtx560ti with mechanical hdd which is best for overall performance both gaming and other aspects at 1080p res..
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  1. gtx560ti is the best for 1080p resolution.
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    SSD;'s do do much for games as they try to cache their data already. The SSD would primarily help with windows and being only 30GB - not much else. I would also choose the Ti.
  3. gtx560 ti..ssd doesnt improve gaming..if you want to buy ssd i recommend you 60gb or more...
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