Graphics card 99% non-used glitched

my graphics card is stuck at using 98-99% load. but its not running anything. im playing nothing at all. its a gigabyte 460gtx. and because its using so much its stuck at 60C idle. My cpu usage is really high up there too. I've tried restarting. Shutting down. This has never happened before but now i can't get it to go back down. anyone ever had a problem like this before? what should i do?
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  1. Have you opened up the Windows Task Manager to find out what processes are using up the majority of the CPU resources?
  2. thats the thing. nothing is. there is nothing open using any majority of any CPU power. The only thing there is like 15CPU but yet the CPU load is ilke 80%. And its just the desktop graphic thing that windows vista and 7 have. I have no programs open. Thats the issue.
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