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I have an AMD Phenom II 955 Black edition processor currently at 3.2GHz (I reset a couple months ago) and the other day I found this thing that came with my mobo called TurboV. I used the auto tuning key to see how it overclocks and there must have been some error cause now it only runs at 800MHz according to computer properties, but CPU-Z says it too and I dont understand what its doing... Anyone have any knowledge of this and could help? I would be very thankful...
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  1. What exactly was the error that showed up? I used TurboV to overclock my T1100 X6 3.2 ghz to 3.9 ghz. The program will continue to run until your PC crashes, then it will scale back to a safe overclock. I have no clue why it would scale you back all the way down to 800mhz.. can you post pictures of CPU-Z?
  2. How do I upload pics? Also CPU-Z is telling me that my GPU's core is at 50MHz! And yes, TurboV did put it back do that, then I went one a game which I usually get 180+ FPS and it said 30 so I clicked return to OS default? Does that do anything? I've looked in the BIOS and it has no signs that the cpu isn't working and it says all four cores are out and considering 3.2 divided by 4 (considering its a quad core) is 8. So 800MHz could mean one core is activated? Is the OS setting thing, or something else, and is it fixable?
  3. Because all of your parts will downclock themselves when you aren't using them. Boot into bios and overclock there, don't use software. Also amd has something called cool'n'quiet even though i would leave it on you can turn it off.
  4. I know this but the problem is, its only recognizing 1 core and I dont know how to get it back to normal... Also I've tried using a game to get the core to work and it still says 800MHz...
  5. Please upload pictures of where your seeing this information, @amuffin, it may be your preference to use the bios to overclock, but I found nothing wrong with the TurboV software. Cool n Quite I actually recommend disabling if you plan on overclocking. A think to try OP is to start a game, CTRL ALT DEL out of it, and in the task manager, right click on the game and press SET AFFINITY, see if you have the ability to deselect or select cores that the game can use.

    EDIT* When you set the affinity, you need to be under the processes tab of task manager.
  6. ok then, but can u tell me how to upload? Im new to this forum...
  7. Use Photobucket, upload the photos, then look for something like "share" and look for "IMG for bulletin and forums" paste that code into your post.
  8. ok then. And just to add info before I do so, I did the test with set affinity and it said core 0,1 ,2, 3 etc, and I checked MHz and it said 2.25GHz but the prob is, when right clicking on computer and then properties before, told me it was at 3.2 no matter what I was doing, now it dances between 800MHz and 2.25...
  9. It dances around now that you changed the affinity? Try uninstalling TurboV and any other sort of overclocking software you may have, and report back your cpu speed, and whether or not it still "dances"
  10. have you went into bios and loaded optomized defaults?. you may want to check your startup entries 2 to make sure the overclock isnt being started at windows boot time.
    the reason it will be jumping between speeds is you likely have cool and quiet enabled.
  11. Here is the CPU on CPU-Z at 800MHz" class="img lazy">
  12. lol sorry wrong one :P here is the CPU" class="img lazy">
  13. @HEXiT how do I do that in BIOS? And I've had cool and quiet enabled for a year now, and it hasn't ever done that...
  14. I believe its TurboV, you should really try uninstalling that and checking out your cpu speed after uninstalling and restarting
  15. Yes! thankyou, its working good now! 3.4GHz :) cheers guys, it's nice to know that I've got somewhere good to turn when there's a problem! Cheers :D
  16. Let us know what ultimately fixed it, so in case someone else was wondering
  17. If you are overclocking, learn to use the BIOS.

    The Windows based overclocking utilities are getting to be pretty reliable, but the key word is "pretty".
  18. Nope thats everything! and @jsc if u could refer me to some sites, that would be great :)
  19. the best overclocking utilities will be supplied by the boards manufacturer, on there site under support/downloads. personally i wont use em, as there often overly generous with the voltages which means higher temps overall.

    as for ressetting the bios... boot. press f1 at the splash screen (this should take you into bios, sometimes its del or f2 depending on the board) 1s in you should see some F-key options at the top of the screen 1 will be load optimized defaults, just select it and save, (b4 you quit out of bios just check the settings for cool and quiet, make sure your hdd is the first boot device and then you should be ready to reboot) quit bios... let the system reboot and you will be back to default settings when windows boots.

    cool and quite can be operated 2 ways... you can let windows handle it via its power options, or use the cool and quiet application...

    but hey your back to normal/fixed and working... have fun..
  20. This is what happens when you use the easy button on overclocking. If you're going to overclock do it right and learn how to use the BIOS. It's the oldest and most reliable way to overclock. Have you tried pulling out the CMOS battery so the BIOS will reset itself?
  21. Im now learning, I'm new to this stuff and I haven't been taught so, sorry...
  22. as your new to this stuff, just remember there is no such thing as a stupid question. every 1 has to start somewhere so dont be afraid to ask... you may get the odd ass who thinks there superior but they dont get that they are the 1s that get laughed at, because 90% of the time the think they know more than they actually know...

    so be patient and everything you ever want to learn will be there for the asking.
  23. awww thanks :) I'll be sure to ask if needed :)
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