Z75 or H77 Chipset??

Im looking between these 2 motherboards, both ASRock (a brand I have used many times without fault), both priced at $70 (the $80 has $10 off promo, both LGA 1155. Z75 H77M

I've heard the H77 chipset is better but after reviewing the Intel site the main difference I see is Z75 does overclocking while the H77 has Intel Smart Response Technology, which doesnt matter to me as Im not using a SSD.

The Z75 board has 4 RAM slots and overclocking capabilities so I'm leaning towards that for the same price as the H77. Any reason Im not aware of for buying the H77 over the Z75? The intel site I referenced earlier.
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  1. Im gonna assume from the 40 reads and no replies the differences are probably just what I mentioned. Im thinking of going with the Z75 board since it can OC, has 4 RAM slots, and its ATX and has more expansion slots than the H77 Mini ATX.
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    Yeah, pretty much. Really, the overclocking is the biggest and most important difference. There's one more expansion slot on the Z75 (not a big deal), less rear I/O (not a big deal), and it costs a little more. Otherwise, there's really not much difference.
  3. since that z75 board cost about $80 i would pay the extra 14 bucks and get the ASRock Z77 Pro3 for $94
  4. Well, the Z75 Board is better for overclocking memory and has more ram slots, so I recommend that one, but read the part about supported only with integrated graphics.
    But yeah, anyway the Z75 is much better.
  5. mrdowntownkiller said:
    since that z75 board cost about $80 i would pay the extra 14 bucks and get the ASRock Z77 Pro3 for $94

    Your right! That one has a better chipset and better overall features, plus it has a higher rating.
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  7. I went ahead with the Z75 board. I couldn't justify an extra $25 (it had a $10 off promo code) for the Z77 Pro3 board which would only given the extra Intel Smart Response Technology which is completely irrelevant to my build. And all 3 boards had 4 out of 5 eggs with a good bit of reviews. Thanks for the replies!
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