Broken computer and 2 dead power supplies...

About 2 weeks ago I shipped a custom computer that I had build for my brother back to Boston for him to continue to use. We used FedEx ground, had fedex pack it (so they hopefully will pay up due to packaging liability), and he headed back home, eager to continue gaming. Computer worked beautifully for the 2 weeks he was home.

Upon receiving the computer, there were a few minor dents in the box, but nothing seemed too out of the ordinary. When the box was opened and the computer was taken out, 2 of the 5.25" bay covers had been popped off due to rough handling (I'm assuming). When he opened the case to assure nothing was seriously damaged (not the smartest guy with computers) he noticed a screw or two had fallen loose out of something. Goes to turn on the computer and..... nothing. No fans, no lights, no beeps. So naturally I said okay, lets change the power supply.

He picked up a 650 watt corsair from Best Buy, I directed him on how to install it, and again..... nothing. Then I said I can't diagnose this problem over the phone and directed him to a computer repair store. They said well buy a new mobo and PS off newegg and we will see what happens. (also tested corsair PSU and deemed it to be dead) Received new PSU and mobo from newegg, and of course, because apparently this computer is just destined to be a hassle, it arrived DOA (tested it on multiple machines at the repair store).

So my question is, has anyone ever had problems with FedEx before? Do they pay the repair costs so long as they packaged it in fedex packaging? Could there be problems with the motherboard or something else on my computer that I am overlooking? Thanks for the replies!
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  1. Did you try another power cord from the wall outlet to either of the PSU? Check the power switch on the PSU? Get out a multimeter and read the voltage on the molex connector of the PSU? Did you try a known good PSU with the mobo and/or a known working mobo with the new PSU?
  2. The best thing you could have done was have them package the computer , that was a good move. Now they have no recourse but to reimburse you for a non working computer. Did your brother by any chance take pictures of everything and call Fedex right away to initiate a claim and let them know about the damaged box and loose parts. All of those things say to me that your box had a rough ride and was not treated in a gentle manner at all. Where any "Fragile" stickers placed on the box?
    As far as the computer goes when the power button is pushed does anything happen at all , any fans come on , does the hdd come on , any beeps or other noises. If you get nothing at all then there has to be a power connector not connected somewhere. How about the power switch on the lower right of the MB where the reset ,power and case speaker wires are connected , are all those connected.
  3. We did call FedEx immediately after we received the item and found it broken. Multiple "Fragile" stickers were placed on the box by yours truly, FedEx. Claim was initiated 2 or 3 days ago, can't remember exactly when, but the day we received it. No fans, no hdd, no beeps, no noises. The main power connectors were all connected, 24 pin main, 8 pin processor (EPS12V) even the video card PCIe 6 pin cables. The cord from the front of the case to the board was installed, and we even tried to "jump" the computer with a pair of tweezers by completing the circuit between the two pins.

    Now as far as PSU testing... I am not in Boston, so I must somehow relay the information to my brother on how to test PSUs haha. I am assuming that the guy at the computer repair store knows what he is doing, as he told me over the phone that they tested the PSUs on multiple computers they had in the store. So AFAIK he is doing most everything that I would. I'm seriously hoping that if in fact the motherboard has been fried that the remaining components are in working condition.

    in response to mdsiu:
    Yes we did try the power switch and different euros and outlets. The only working PSU would be at the repair shop, and the technician informed me that they didn't have any EPS12V connectors. Working mobo did not work with either of the replacement PSUs. AFAIK the technician did not check with a multimeter, perhaps I will have my brother try that tonight.
  4. I can't believe thatr even putting a new power supply in won't make the computer turn on this is very strange , that shipping a computer would make it not work.
  5. Hi :)

    Its not unusual that carriers damage computers....

    When my guys go out to install computers that have been delivered by carriers (from various companies) around 1 in 3 are DOA (Dead on Arrival)

    All the best Brett :)
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