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Hi i have an asus z77 v deluxe with a 3570K overclocked at 4.2 I just want to update the bios from 1504 to the new 1617 just to have the latest one on. I dont really care if its really worth it i just wanna see the difference... My question is whats the easiest and most safe way of doing it.. Obviously never done it before
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  1. Put the BIOS file on a FAT32 formatted USB stick and use EZ Flash 2 right in the BIOS to update it.

    That's how to do it, but you really shouldn't do it unless you have a problem with something. Go right ahead if you wish, but this is just a fair warning that you're taking an unnecessary risk for no good reason.

    A working board is much better than a bricked board because the update failed for some reason...
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