Can I use a 4pin cpu cable to power my Asus M5A97 (8pin)?

I don't think my psu has the 8pin cable... It has one cable which has the correct 8pin configuration on one side which connects directly to the psu, but on the other side it's a 4+4 cpu configuration which doesn't match the 8pin :[ (top: round square square round bottom: square round round square).

my psu is

or could anyone tell me where i could buy the cables?

thank you in advance.
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    A 4+4 connector is an 8 pin connector. In fact, they're exactly the same. A full 8 pin connector would have the exact same design as a 4+4 pin connector, just not split into two parts.

    The connector has to fit. If it didn't, it wouldn't conform ATX spec (and I know for a fact that that PSU works with any other 8 pin mobo that I've seen).

    There are two of them (two full 4+4 pin connectors), so have you tried both, and/or have you tried putting the halves into different sides/flipping them?
  2. the 4+4 connector is configured as :
    1. top: round square bottom: square round
    2. top: round round bottom: round round

  3. Hmm. I don't know what to tell you. It should work.
  4. do you know any place i could buy the appropriate 8 pin male - 8pin male connector? :c
  5. You have 2 identical 6+2 pin connectors. Logically, they look and are the same. Find them. Then find the two 4+4 pin and use one to plug it in. Your PSU is here:

    Get the .pdf manual if you still have trouble.
  6. smartdummy2 said:
    do you know any place i could buy the appropriate 8 pin male - 8pin male connector? :c

    Snap the two parts of the 4+4 connector together, that's your 8-pin connector, no adapter required. The two halves correctly joined together should have exactly the same dimensions and shape configuration as the 8-pin ATX12V connector.
  7. Best answer selected by smartdummy2.nnapparently the round shaped male ends can fit into the square ends, which means the top: round round bottom: round round worked :DnnSorry, I gave up hope when I noticed the shapes were different...
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