MSI 890fxa-gd70 will boot to windows, will not load bios

First off I did not think that this was possible but it is what is going on, if i press the del key or f11 (setup / boot menu respectively) it freezes and will not load any further. I do not know what to do to try and fix this problem, am going to try replacing the battery, if anyone else has had experience with this the help would be appreciated.
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  1. Hi, Are you using Windows 8? What's the board's BIOS version?
  2. no im using win. 7 and i believe its v. 1F which i believe is 1.15? I was able to re-flash the BIOS (either way i figured it would be bricked by the flash or the board was already screwed) it occasionally allows entry into BIOS, I have found that after re-flashing if either the delete/F11 keys are held prior to post it will load if pressed only once it freezes. I am guessing the checksum is corrupt or missing a file...not really sure as I am a novice and this is my first build (built it about a year ago and have not had any other issues). The problem started from trying to upgrade to a SSD (240g Kingston HyperX 3k) as I am not big into overclocking (have tried it and have OCed a few times for short periods but did not notice much a gain in performance).
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