The light of the motherboard wont turn on

I just finished building my first computer but the motherboard light doesnt ligth up everything seems to be connected fine can i have any suggestions. Thanks. the mother board is a asrock h61m/u3s3. And the psu works fine.
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  1. Hi,
    Do the CPU and the case fans spin?
  2. No it doesn't. Nothing is on
  3. did u turn on the power supply
  4. lcorral said:
    No it doesn't. Nothing is on

    Please ensure that you have switched on the power switch on the PSU itself.

    If all is on it might be a faulty MB or PSU.
  5. Yea that is one of the first things i tried. Im almost sure its not the PSU because i tries it it with another MB and it worked. IS their another way you can test if the MB is faulty?
  6. Take the board outside the case to make sure that there isn't a short related issue.
  7. I tried taking it out and then turned on the PSU and nothing happened.
  8. Try to power the board by shortly connecting together the two pins corresponding to the power switch. If still the same, and you know for sure that the power supply and the connections are OK, then it might be a faulty motherboard.
  9. im not sure wha two pins you are talking about im sorry im new to this
  10. The two wires corresponding to the chassis power switch are connected to a motherboard header (where you connect the reset switch, the HDD led a.s.o.)
    Check the manual for the right position of the two pins corresponding to the power switch (see system panel connector).
    Remove all wires from that connector and using a screwdriver shortly touch the two power pins (it's what the switch does when pressing it). The switch might not work, the wires might be interrupted.
  11. Ok thanks ill try that right now but wouldnt their still be a LED light on when the motherboard s connected to the PSU
  12. It should be. Try it though.
  13. alexoiu said:
    It should be. Try it though.

    I just tried it and the PSU fan went on. But is till didnt see any motherboard LED that goes on. What do I do now
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    Turn off the power supply and check if the 4-pin or the 8-pin power connector is connected. Connect also a case fan to the PSU's molex or to the motherboard header.
    Switch ON the power supply, start again the board (by shorting the pins) and check if the CPU and the case fans spin.
  15. yea the case fans and also the cpu fan went on thanks. Im still confused about their not being no LED light turn on though.
  16. Not sure about the LEDs on this board. Now with the board still outside and the PSU off, install one RAM stick, the graphics card, the DVD drive, keyboard and mouse. Test if it does POST.
  17. Thanks for the help everything is working fine now.
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