Windows 7 losing memory (64bit)


I've noticed this weird problem, that windows thinks that I've only 8GB of ram installed.
I've ASUS P6T Deluxe V2 motherboard, with 4x4GB DIMMs installed on it.

Everything has worked fine so far, but now for some reason windows has lost 50% of memory?!

I've checked system with Everest, and it founds that there's 16GB of RAM installed. Why doesn't Windows understand this?
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  1. go to
    type msconfig
    a window will pop up
    choose boot tab
    press advanced option
    upload an image
  2. Which version of windows 7 do you have?Home edition?Professional?
    Depending on the OS version the system can recognize and use different amounts of ram.Here are the limits:

    Windows 7 memory limits

    Basicaly any version other than home basic can support 16gb.
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