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Hi all.

I'm having trouble playing MKV video on Windows 7 64bit. I have a AMD 5470 & i5 -so I should be able to play any 1080p MKV video.
I already did a clean install, got all the newest drivers, etc.
What codec do you recommend for a low CPU load? (no mega-packs please). Do I need a special player?

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  1. Try using this player: (it's free)
  2. Use that VLC, u don't need any codec for that one, it comes as whole package.

    bobusboy +1
  3. U can play almost any video and music!

  4. And if u need codec for another player, K-Lite Codec Pack
    get it here @
  5. Get CCC full package (that make sure you also get the AMD media codec) and install the CCC (check AMD media codec is installed correctly in installation log which pops up after installation). Download Media Player Classic. Install and enable GPU DXVA in MPC by:

    Enable DXVA (includes all .264 content regardless if it is mkv, mp4, etc...) in MPC by going:

    View>options>internal filters and select everything with (DXVA) and apply

    Then, on playback>output select

    evr custom pres, directx9 and directx9, for directshow video, realmedia video and quicktime video

    Ok and restart MPC and play video.
  6. Klite codec MEGA pack that is all!
  7. Thanks for the replies!
    I'll try all and see what works best and get back to you. See what has the highest GPU and lowest CPU load.
    I'll also do a system-restore after every try to completely remove any old codecs still lingering in the system.
    I'll try to get this to work while installing as little as possible.
  8. Yeah try and remove all the previous codecs as they can mess up some players
  9. K-Lite Mega Codec Pack, never failed to play a media file yet.
  10. I tried ALL,
    CoreAVC seems to work best. But cost me $12 !!
    I was able to play full 1080p MKVs on my little c-50 netbook - FLAWLESS.
    here is a turorial:

    All the others worked fine on my desktop, but that had plenty of GPU and CPU power.
    So, for my my machines with tiny muscles and its itsy bitsy bits & peices, I had to find a solutution that can use all it's little high-tech parts: DXVA, GPGPU, UVD 3(AMD), etc.

    I was still required to install Media Player Classic, DirectX 9 runtime 2010 (don't know why), Haali, LVA Secoder, etc. Basically it was a pain in the ass.
    VERY surprised how immature codecs, drivers, players, etc are.

    I expected to just install the newest driver, find some MKV codec, and play on normal Media payer - WRONG.
    I hope I can get all this to work just by installing Windows 8,9 later with all the fancy hardware read through some abstraction later.
  11. I personally would use VLC player no codecs to install and it works right out of the box and you dont have to install it, just unzip to a folder and run it from there
  12. Again,

    Thanks to all to get my MKV working. ALL the solutions worked on my desktop.
    I just took things further beyond the thread scope by also getting my C-50 netbook work.
    If I can, I give you all a Best Answer Award. Merry Christmas, Ho Ho Ho
  13. For codec packs, I suggest Shark007's, and he keeps them very up-to-date!:

    Windows 7 Codecs:

    x64 Components addon (Win7Codecs must be installed first):
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