Keyboard wont work with my motherboard

A few months ago I figured it was finally time to buy a mechanical gaming keyboard (CM Storm Quickfire Pro) since I've been using a generic Microsoft keyboard for years. I recieve it and try to plug it in and it doesn't work. To cut the story short I've talked to CM support and they think its a faulty board but it works when I plug it into any other computer in my house. I've tried every USB port on my computer, I've made sure certain things were turned on in the BIOS, I gave up on this board when I read a similar story and it had something to do with my Windows 7 registry, I recently upgraded to Windows 8 and here I am now, still without a working keyboard that I forked out 80 bucks for.

I've tried pretty much everything, and it really just has to be my motherboard (GA-970-D3), I've even flashed the BIOS to the most recent.

Also if it helps any, when I do plug in the keyboard it doesn't just completely ignore it, it says "unrecognized device plugged in" and it doesn't just say it once, it spams it as if I were unplugging it and plugging it back in every 10 seconds.
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  1. Does this behavior happen in all USB ports on your system (the "it spams it as if I were unplugging it and plugging it back in every 10 seconds" part)?

    Also, your old keyboard works just fine, right?
  2. Yes the old keyboard works fine, and yes it does it in all of the USB ports.
  3. Saw this at the website for the kb:

    QuickFire Pro uses a high quality USB cable with improved signal quality and power characteristics.
    Some basic USB cables create too much signal noise or can’t carry enough power for QuickFire pro to work.
    They might work with the Backlight turned off and no added devices installed in the USB hub, but we highly recommend to use the original high quality CM Storm QuickFire Pro USB cable.

    What are the specs for your system? I suspect a USB power issue at this point.

    Do you have a powered USB hub? If so, plug it into the PC and the CM keyboard into the hub. If it works afterward, it would indicate a power issue.
  4. I apologize for such the late response especially since you're trying to help me, I ended up falling asleep.

    My system specs:

    Edit: Windows 8 Pro
    AMD FX(tm)-6100 @ stock speeds
    GeIL 1600, 16gb ram
    Western Digital 500gb HDD @ 7200rpm
    Gigabyte GA-970A-D3 motherboard
    EVGA GTX 480 gpu
    Cooler master CM690 II Black Steel atx mid tower case
    Cooler master eXtreme Power Plus RS700-PCAAE3-US 700W ATX 12V v2.3 PSU

    Sorry I don't know too much about USBs and I feel really dumb admitting this but I'm not too sure if I have a powered USB hub, I looked it up on Wiki if this is correct a USB hub that's connected to the PSU? In that case I'm almost certain my front USBs are, keyboard didn't work in those either.

    Another thing I forgot to add to my first post, the keyboard has worked once, after being plugged in to the USB for like 10 minutes it just all of a sudden started working, but stopped working again after turning the computer off.
  5. A powered USB hub is something like this (see below). It lets you expand the number of USB devices you can connect to your computer.
  6. Ah, so what you're saying is I would have to purchase one of those in order for it to work?
  7. No, I was asking if you had such a device to test the keyboard with (or access to one).
  8. I'm pretty sure I have one somewhere, I'll have to check it out tomorrow because I wouldn't know where it is. I'll post again after I tried that out. Thanks!
  9. make sure you install the newest amd chipset driver and usb driver from your mb web page to rule out a driver issue. myself it may be that the keyboard is pulling more power then the usb port is rated for. happens with ipads and phones. also if you have thing like usb wifi and speakers your onboard usb chipset may not be able to handle the load.
  10. I havn't found a powered USB to test the keyboard, but in that case, wouldn't it not work on my other, way more outdated computers?

    As for drivers, I checked and made sure I had all the most recent. Also I don't have anything plugged into my USBs other than a mouse, keyboard, and headset.
  11. Does the keyboard work properly on any computer?
  12. Yes it works properly on my M11x laptop and on some old HP desktop.
  13. Then is has to be an issue with your motherboard and USB power.
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