How much and best RAM i can get for my MoBo.


I have IX38 QuadGT Motherboard Socket 775 and was wondering what the maximum amount of ram it can take is. Also could anyone advise on the best current ram it would take as well.

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    Some premium memories are corsair, gskill,
  2. ddr2 memory is ridiculously expensive, it costs 3-4 times more than ddr3. what ram do you have right now? if you have 2-4 gigs already than get the ram below and put it in the main ram channels. its not the lowest priced, but its the most reliable

    max memory for that board is 8gb, so 4x2gb ram sticks

    max ram speed is 1066
  3. my personal recommendation it to upgrade your computer to something modern, no use in upgrading an ancient system when the prices for compatible components is that high
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