Does this system need an HSF?

So earlier I broke the bank and bought all the components for this (and a 965 with a promo):,3032.html

Now I need to decide if it would be worthwhile to buy an HSF:

In total I've gone $50 over budget and I'm doing my best to avoid spending any more money that's meant for important things like food. But this is important too right? You can't get a 965 BE and not OC it... And it's only $25, so a couple days of fasting is probably worth it. I reeeally need it for my tumblr blo... I mean, Skyrim. Yeah. Or Sims 4 whenever that comes out. And possibly some other insane games that will be available in due time. Or to watch movies. OCing for movies. Or 7zip. Those things take forever to unzip without OCing. Or maybe I could play Diablo 2 with max graphics if I OC? If you're still reading this, please stop. I'm serious. I'm just finding things to say mostly, because this paragraph has gone on far too long and I felt like I should stretch it, kinda like silly putty after it's been in the microwave.
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  1. If your clocking, then grab it and an extra fan for pushpull
  2. Hrm, I'm not sure how I'd mount the second fan to the sink as I'm not so well versed in push/pull methodology. /noob
    Also, Isn't adding push/pull kinda minor? This system isn't exactly screaming along by what I see. Also, I'm pretty sure the 120 case fan will be right next to the sink.
  3. If you are/intend on overclocking, you are increasing heat in the system, so you need to address the issue, the most common way for 212 owners to boost its performance is by adding a second fan in the same orientation as the original fan, like
    one fan pushes air through the heatsink, the one on the far side, pulls air through, hence the name, its an easy thing to do and can make quite a difference on temps
    if you watch the video on your link it shows you they include spare clips in the kit, they know you want to add another fan and got sick of people asking them for clips I guess :)
    what case have you got there? you may find that a pushpull set up works better and end up removing the case fan if it gets in the way too much
  4. Case:
    Has a 120 included, so possibly just use that for pushpull, or leave it on case.
    Setup should look something like,0101-307916-0-2-3-1-jpg-.html only the stock will be replaced.
  5. Leave the 120mm on the case. You need to add another fan to the 212 that's the same as the one currently on there. Both fans need to be spinning at the same RPM and ideally the same CFM also.
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