Hey My PSU [ Some psu that came with my acer comp 300 watts or 250 not sure] its been 3 years or 4 years. Today it starts being noisy, as if there is something between the PSU Fan. It's like something is loose.

Sort of like when you have a fan for your room and there are these round circle metal things.

Basically it sounds like my PSU has something loose inside that is rotating. IT is noisy. What do I do? I don't want to open it up.
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  1. {I Don't want to open it up}

    Then you need to replace the entire PSU.
  2. Right now the noise is gone. It comes and goes randomly. It is very odd.
  3. take the psu out of the case... turn it upside down and give it a shake... see if anything falls out... sometimes a little piece of plastic shielding will come loose and hit the fan making a clicking sound like a playing card in a wheel. if nothing falls out then you may have a problem with the fan and bearings is so then the fan will need replacing asap as it could lock up any time. causing the psu to overheat... this can result in a dead psu or worse take some or all the components in the pc with it...
    especialy if its a cheap built in model.
  4. A screw came out. What do I do? Screw looks pretty beaten probably by fan blade
  5. imtiax said:
    A screw came out. What do I do? Screw looks pretty beaten probably by fan blade

    Hi :)

    CHANGE the PSU for a new one...its a safety issue....

    All the best Brett :)
  6. a screw came out? look on the motherboard and see if theres 1 missing if not then its likely it came from the psu. if so you will need to open in and make sure it hasnt damaged anything. even a fan blade.
    broken blades will mean less effective cooling and could lead to overheating...
    if the screw came from the motherboard ask yourself how it came to fall into the psu.
    has some1 been fiddling about? if you think so then check over the system as a whole and make sure everything is where its supposed to be...
    then put the psu back. make sure its connected and turn the pc on... if it doesnt go bang when you hit the power its most likely safe to use... but keep an eye on it for a couple of hours and dont leave it on unattended over night till your absolutely sure its safe ...

    if your not comfy with that then brett has the rite idea...
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