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Alright, here's my issue. I just got Time Warner Cable Road Runner Turbo yesterday, the 15Mbps cable internet they offer. I was using a Linksys WRT160N V3 router that was already in use with my girlfriends Desktop for our Wireless capability. So the connection goes Cable Modem > Linksys > Desktop / Wireless. I was having issues with the internet speed being way too slow. So I called Time Warner and they ended up isolating the cable modem and, only using their own speed test site which for some reason gives faster speeds than, finally gave me the connection speed I pay for. So I called Linksys, their customer service sucked so I went to Best Buy and bought a Netgear 300 Wireless router on the recommendation of an employee. I got home and got it set up and now I'm running into the same problem, on Time Warner's site the speed test is going at abou 26Mbps download and .5Mbps upload which cuts down to .3Mbps at the end of the upload test. Meanwhile the results are around 6 to 8Mbps download and .6Mbps upload. But when I tried the cable modem directly after getting the new Netgear, the speeds are slower from direct Cable Modem connection.

Could anyone explain this to me? I don't want to go through another hour without internet by talking to Netgear and Time Warner customer support who both just blame each other for the problem.
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  1. Bit confused as to what results you are getting and what the issues are. Your testing needs to be done a bit more standardized. Test with one site only. Connect PC by wire to the modem only. What speed do you get? Connect same PC to the router, after you reboot the PC, what speed do you get?

    If you try different speed test sites, you are not just tesing your speed, you are also testing the connection to the site.
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