Gigabyte ga-z77x-ud3h compatible with GTX 660 (non ti)?

I was wondering if there was anybody out there who had a gigabyte ga-z77x-ud3h motherboard and was also using a GTX 660 (non ti). I have the motherboard already and I was planning on using a GTX 660 in my build but I had read some people saying that have had trouble with the GTX 660. If you are using both could you please tell me which model of GTX 660 you are using? Also i guess it could be helpful to find out if someone is using a GTX 660 with a different motherboard that is under $200 and sli ready.

I have had someone already tell me that the Gigabyte OC 660 will work but i am still wondering if they all will and thought that I should post this in the right section of the thread instead of where it was.

Thank you to anywone who has any help to offer.
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  1. There's no reason they wouldn't be compatible, they're just using the PCIe protocol as usual.
  2. actually both are good quality components and yeah obv it will the 660 can run on the ud3h
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