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I dropped my laptop and I think I may have broke something like the graphics card maybe because I can't see a lot of images on games.. Is there a way to check this?
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  1. on laptops the graphics solution is built in to the motherboard, and shares takes it's V-ram from your RAM. If you had broken you would not get any image when you turned on your laptop. You also need to explain to us what you mean by "can't see a lot of images in games"
  2. If you dropped it and its now not working properly its either the repair shop or the bin unfortunately :(

    Mactronix :)
  3. Actually that is possible. Some laptops have "switchable" graphics where it uses the low-power integrated gpu for non-gaming tasks, and then switches to a discrete gpu card when a 3d task is detected like a game.

    If games only wont run, but other stuff is running, you need to find out if it has a amd or nvidia gpu and a onboard or onchip gpu for 2d tasks.

    You might be able to disable the add on gpu so the laptop runs only on the integrated one. Of course most games wont run good on a intel gpu or chipset gpu.
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