Upgrade to 8g?

I'm playing Guild wars 2 1080p I have to turn down my settings to low on Dungeons in group event's or I would Lag but i still get 30 fps in option so im not sure My cpu is FX 4100 3600. I can play Wow Max out with no shadow in never lag in 25 mans so if I upgrade Ram will I be able to up the settings to high? or should i just save my $100 bucks in get a new 150 dollar card next month??

My psu is 80+ bronze with 4+2 Pin connecter 430 wat Thanks

I have Amd entertainment with the red spreaders but i don't see them is it ok if I buy these http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16820103010&Tpk=AE34G1339U2-U? to make 8g
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  1. Well on GW2 you need ram and cpu to get good performance,it is very cpu dependant.8gb is pretty much standard for any gaming system.
    WoW is very old,any low system can run it well ;)
    I don't know much about AMD CPUs but a quad-core AM3+ @ 3600mhz should be very good.

    Your GPU may not be enough.The dungeons are bugged somehow because everyone has bad fps,freezes,crashes and disconnects when running dungeons.
    What GPU do you have?
  2. will i went ahead in got the same model # ram it just don't have heat spreaders this time around which is fine by me I just Hope I can run this on at least Medium settings when i get it im just sick of the shutter lag i get :pfff:

    I have a radeon 6570 hd iceQ runs at 40c never seen it hit 51c
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