Overall image and text quality

Is terrible when I hooked up my Philips 32" LCD HDTV to my PC (trying to use it as a monitor). The text is illegible at times. I don't really know what the heck I'm doing, granted, but really, how hard can this be?

Here are the specs of my machine:
AMD Phenom II X4 965
782 MHz, 2.5 GB RAM
NVIDIA GeForce 9400GT

If you guys need anything else, just say the word and I'll find out any other particulars.

I have 3 video cards (once was going to run 5 monitors at the same time to play online poker...abysmal failure!! they worked, but I didn't, LOL)

Now I'm just using one, the shi$#y looking HDTV as my fuzzy monitor. The TV is a 32" Philips 32PFL5332D/37 HDTV.

Any help as to what settings I should try out in the NVIDIA control panel, or the windows display control panel would be greatly appreciated.

As you may or may not tell, I'm not all that familiar with all the fancy terms being used throughout this forum. Pardon my ignorance.

Basically, I just want the thing to look good. Not too much to ask from this damn thing.

Also, I am using an adapter that is hooked up to the video card that converts it from one of those multipronged connectors to HDMI so the HDMI plugs into the TV.

Thanks in advance.
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  1. Well, according to the Philips site, apparently this TV only supports PC resolution of 800 x 600 at 60Hz.

    Wow! That really sucks! I would guess that is going to mean that the icons, and EVERYTHING ELSE is going to be HUGE on screen.

    So....I guess I've answered my own question about this adventure.

    Guess I better buy a real monitor!
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