Need help deciding on a graphics card at or under $180

I just built my pc, the specs are as follows:
amd phenom ii x4 955 @3.2 ghz
4gb ram
corsair gs600 psu (2 pci-e cables)

i will not be doing crossfire or sli, just looking for a single card
my current resolution is 1440x900, but come christmas i will probably get an hd monitor (i know basiically any card can run games on max at this res)

i have been looking at the xfx 6850 & 6870
the 6850 costs 10 less after shipping than the 6870 which ships for free, so i was kind of leaning toward the 6870

any other ideas or opinions?
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    Definitely go with 6870.For $10 more,it's worth it.
    And make sure you get a "Full HD" monitor not a HD one :D
  2. Thank you for the response! I also considered a gtx460, but from what i found it still seems like the 6870 is the best option.
  3. Yep,it's faster than 460
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