Laptop keeps turning off after 3 seconds with a click then back on

I have a ACER ASPIRE ONE 532h-2588 laptop

the problem is that i will turn it on and the laptop will shut off by itself after 3-5 seconds and it will make a click sound. when it turns on, the screen will show a black screen with a small dash as if it is about to boot. i hear the fan turn on and a weird high frequency sound when i put my ear close. just turns off and does nothing

i tried taking out the battery and had it plugged in and still did the same thing
i took out the HDD and it did the same thing but it didn't make the click sound ( i even bought a new one and replaced it but it is still doing the same thing)

now i am not sure what is going on but i wish to fix it. any ideas on what i could do? it is a power problem? the motherboard? did i break my new hdd and have to buy a third one?
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  1. That sounds like overheating issue. Have you checked the cpu temperature in bios? Make sure the vents are free of dust...
  2. it could be a ram or motherboard problem, fans going high on start up is common for most laptops, but it would take a lot longer for an over heat to occur. try clearing your cmos
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