Worth having dedicated PhysX?

I am about to buy a new PC with a GTX 590, and was just wondering if it would be worth using my old GTS 250 as a dedicated PhysX GPU? Considering the GTX 590 is already such a beast.

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  1. From results i have seen you could actually get lower FPS by using a dedicated PhysX card the 590 is more than capable of handling both. If you were going to be running a huge display or 2-3 then it may be worth considering but for a single normal size display i really wouldn't bother.

    Mactronix :)
  2. As I thought, thanks!
  3. The other part of the equation is do you even play any PhysX games? If so, then a GTX 590 is more than enough. The PhysX performance hit that I use as a rule of thumb is roughly a 25% decrease in FPS.
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