2 Vostro 460 MOBO failed

This is the strangest thing I have seen with mobos so far.
Had a Dell Vostro 460 that would power up intermittently. Replaced the PSU, from then the mobo won't start, cpu fan will start, then stop, powering off the system would not do anything...
So replaced mobo with same make and model, replaced PSU (just to make sure as other PSU was indicating 11.8 instead of 12V and 420 ms). System stayed on for a whole day and night without any issue. Next morning, I try connecting to wifi (dlink card), then leave, when I come back an hour later, power button is flashing amber (means system mobo trouble). System won't power up, unplugged power, then went to turn on system, same thing as other mobo: cpu fan starts, then stops ....
Anyone has had that issue before? I am thinking the wifi card might cause trouble? Any idea?

Thanks for reading
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  1. if you replaced the mobo, did you replace the thermal paste? also try to clear the cmos, typically process for this is remove the power cord, remove the cmos battery and let it sit for 10 minutes then put the cmos battery back in, or there might be cmos jumper. make sure your ram is properly seated. tip for you, NEVER BUY A DELL, HP OR TOSHIBA the parts quality is horrendous, the only computers i have repair on a regular basis are those 3 brands
  2. Thanks for your suggestions, and don't worry, I don't see myself buying a Dell neither ...
    The mobo/cpu/ram was moved from a working unit. Already tried clearing cmos, no go ...
  3. try removing everything plugged in except your mouse keyboard and display cord, also remove the wireless card and see if it boots
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