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Hi all,

I'm planning to build a new rig in next couple of weeks and I was wondering if you guys could help me out a bit.
I will be using it mostly for games and movies and I'm planning to plug it into 1080p TV via HDMI cable. My initial budget is about $1600/£1000.
The story is that I'm planning to get the basic rig working asap and then expand it in the future. The plan is to start with fan cooling and a single GPU and later invest in watercooling, try overclocking and get a second GPU. I'm planning to include SSD, 8GB RAM and 1000W PSU (for future SLI & OC).

I will definitely will be getting unlocked i5-2500k CPU and I have following questions:

1. MB - I think I want to go with Z68 and I can't decide between Gigabyte's Z68XP-UD3 and ASRock's Z68 Extreme7 GEN3. I will almost definitely never go three-way SLI so is the second MB really something I should be considering? Or maybe I should consider another MB?

2. GPU - I'm planning to get GTX580 and later get another one as mentioned above. As I'm planning to try watercooling later which brand is the best to go for? Does anybody allows to remove the standard fan from the GPU, use watercooling AND keep the warranty? I've heard different stories about XFX and EVGA and I'm not sure.

3. GPU - which 580 would you recommend? Should I bother with overclocked ones? Mind you that I'm planning to run it on standard cooling until I can afford & build a proper WC system.

Let me know if you have any questions or comments.
Any help/advice will be appreciated.

Take care.
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  1. 1) Your comparing motherboard with such a HUGE difference in price and features. Look a little closer to the Gigabyte Board's price range - ASRock Extreme4 GEN3.

    2) My experience in water-cooling is pretty much nil, but as far as I'm aware the best GPU to get if you plan on adding a WC block is just a standard reference card? (Maybe someone else can comment here). EVGA tends to come with the longest warranty, however I'm not sure exactly WHAT their warranty covers.

    3) You'll be over-clocking yourself (I presume - since you plan to water-cool), so buying a factory-over-clocked card, will likely just cost you more money for no advantage. Grab afterburner yourself and take it from there :)

    £1000 isn't a huge budget for GTX 580, i5-2500k and an SLI ready motherboard. Are you sure your initial build will actually fit your budget?
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