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Could I have done damage to my card?

I'm so stupid. I was experimenting with different fans in my case and how they affect the overall noise of the system, and accidentally left the GPU fan completely disabled for about 5 minutes :ouch:. The card (Gigabyte HD 6850) got up to a maximum of 91 deg C, which is much much higher then I've ever seen it go and I assume is good for the card.

Anyway what I came on here to ask is do you think I've done any kind of damage to my baby card? I hope not. Be honest though. And btw as soon as I noticed the blazing 91 on my screen I immediately put the card's fans up to 100%, and it was back down to about 45 degrees in less than a minute.

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  1. There was probably no damage at all. Most modern computer components have hardware based thermal protection that will shutdown the device to protect it from overheating. If you haven't noticed an abnormal system instabilities will gaming or other wise putting load on the card then nothing is wrong with it.
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    91 is high but i agree that you should be fine as said it would have a cut out and i have seen it reported that the chips are tested up to 100+ anyway. How true that is i don't know. Maybe its worth investigating.

    Mactronix :)
  3. Yeah true, it would have cut off. The graphics on my screen looked normal after and as it was happening, no distortions, weird pixels etc. So I assume all's fine :)
  4. it will be fine
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