Ripjaw X series on Sabertooth X79 QVL??

Trying to select memory for my Sabertooth X79. Strangely, on the QVL for the board they list:
But this is the Ripjaw X series which is supposed to be for the Z68 and Z77 platforms!
The QVL does not list F3-12800CL9Q-16GBZL(XMP) which is the equivalent kit designed for the X79 platform. (I don't know why GSkill uses the name "X series" for the Z68, Z77 platforms and "Z series" for the X79, seems backwards but that's how they do it).
Is this likely a typo in the QVL?? It appears there are other kits in the QVL with the same mixup...
Am I misunderstanding something?
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  1. I don't think the RAM is necessarily platform specific that way, when I bought my RAM Ivy Bridge had just come out and it was a set of RAM created before Ivy, but they slapped a "Compatible with Ivy!" sticker on it. It may be designed for a certain chip set but that does not mean it is not compatible with other systems designed to use the same overall type of RAM (i.e. DDR3).
  2. I think what is different between the Ripjaw X and Z series is how they set the XMP profiles. I believe that those profiles *are* specific to the chipset the ram is running on...
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