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Good PM Sir..

This afternoon I went a little window shooping and i came across this video card "Biostar Nvidia Geforce GT 430 2gb ddr3"
What do you think of this card? It cost 3450 philippine currency.. $1=43pesos so i guess it's around $80 that is if the price is updated... Here's the link ""

and another should i add another 2gb memory ram to myb setup making it 4gb memory ram? Thank you! :)

Here's my setup

Processor: INTEL CORE I5-650 3.2 GHZ
500W AVR
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  1. for such a card 2GB is quite useless. actually even 1GB is excessive for the card but most recent card have come with 1GB memory as a standard. so if you can get the one with 1GB memory get that one over the 2GB version. as for the RAM stuff the RAM from gpu will not add to your existing RAM because they did not serve the same purpose in your system. however i think it is a good idea to add more RAM to your system especially if you're using 64bit OS.
  2. if you want gaming performance its rubbish
  3. so... the 1gb system memory is excessive enough for that 2gb video card? so what video card would you suggest/recommend for my pc setup? still i would want to go for that card since this card is great enough here... talking about video cards, the philippines does not have enough latest video cards such as yours.. wow you've got great setup there.. wish i had one..
  4. if you want GT430 try to get the one with 1GB memory. the 2GB version will be a waste of money. do you intend to do serious gaming on your rig? GT430 is not meant for serious gaming but it should provide decent performance at low resolution. do you have other cards in your mind?
  5. how about nvidia geforce gtx 550 ti OR
    nvidia geforce gtx 460 or
    sapphire 5570 1 gb ddr3?
  6. and how about this SAPPHIRE HD 5670 1GB GDDR5 PCIE which is the best for my setup?
  7. the GTX 460 or GTX 550ti is the best ones. The 460 will edge out the 550ti or match it most of the time (especially if its the 1gb model).
  8. as i thought... but the problem is it's not available in the stores that i've inquired at... almost their best cards are like the hd 5570 1 gb so far... and if you happen to look for these two gtx cards you have to wait for at least a week or two and that is if they have that card... yeah i agree with you the gtx cards are better choices.. wish it's available here in naga city, province of camarines sur, philippines...
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