Case that fit my needs, does it exist?

I'm new here :D so Hi everyone!

I'm trying to make a home server and I need a case that fit :

-Micro-ATX motherboard
-No floppy disk space (its old!)
-5 internal 3.5 bay
-1 more bay for a dvd drive
-Case may be put vertically or horizontally (Horizontally in first case)
-Good looking (not a gaming PC, but not my grandma's computer)

-Good ventilation (Like grid on the left and the right, fan on the top (exhaust) - possibility to add air filter to avoid dust in the server case)

-A space for a lcd display would be GREAT :)
-A space for an internal little speaker would be great too

I didn't find any good website to sort/filter computer case
Any budget (preferred max 250$), i'm living in canada, in case it's important :D

Any advice/suggestion will be appreciate!

Thanks for your time
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  1. A mid tower ATX case will fit a micro-ATX board, so you should have many choices. You have a decent budget, so if you're going for quality, check out Lian Li cases. Antec makes sturdy cases also. Keep in mind, that if you don't like the lighted fans that many cases include, they can be swapped out.
    Will help you compare cases.
    I'd consider buying your choice elsewhere = cheaper!
  3. Why not just get a HTPC case like the Silverstone CW03
  4. @jtt283 and @davcon: Thank you for your hint, Newegg help me easily finding cases that will fit my needs.

    @TINMANN: I love this case, but for an HTPC. Since I want to make a File server for backup and streaming... the HTPC will wait but I will remember this case for sure!!

    Thanks for your help again!
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