Msi motherboard - no video. need troubleshooting ideas

hello. Thank you toms hardware gang for any help. This place has been a great resource over the years.

Now my current dilemma: I moved my monitor and the video cable fell off. So reaching behind fumbling with the cord I reconnect it. In the process I think I shorted out something by crossing some "prongs" on the connection. I am pretty sure there was a little "pzzt" sound at one point. Also my 2nd monitor quit working as well :|

So I figured I fried my video card and ordered a new one. However the new one doesn't work either. So then, based on the info I have found it could be either my PSU or motherboard.

Does anyone have some insight on what it likely is based upon how I shorted it out? I don't have a replacement psu or mb for testing purposes so before I buy replacesments I wanted to make sure I had dealt with the easy fixes. This setup has worked fine for over a year so I don't think I am dealing with a seating issue.

Also, initially after this issue, the computer would still boot up (i could see the hard drive working), but now it doesn't at all. I just get a short beep, a delay and then 2 beeps. I have looked up this beep code and it doesn't seem to exist, so I am presuming it is the award bios long beep and then 2 beeps, which is a video card issue. (obviously I am aware of that)

Thanks for any insight on this issue.

Spokane, WA
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  1. Hi, If starting the board with only CPU and CPU fan installed (no other devices or RAMs), what are the error beeps? What's the board's model?
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