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Buying a GPU for Battlefield 3, Buy now or wait till new GPUs come out

I'm about too buy a $300+ GPU for when Battlefield 3 comes out, but I don't know exactly when the next-gen of GPUs will come out. I Heard September or October for AMD's and maybe early 2012 for Nvidia. Did anyone find any clarification on that, and is it worth it too wait for them (since i'm in no real hurry to buy one till BF3 comes out) or just go ahead and buy one now.

System info:

CPU 1055t Thuban AMD
RAM 16 GB Corsair Vengeance 1600 Mhz
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  1. You don't need a new card.According to the benchmarks of the alpha trial your 465 averages 38 fps at max settings
  2. Ok it's more of a want than a need lol. Thanks for the Alpha chart I hadn't seen it before. Anyone have more info on the dates of the new GPUs?
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    You should be fine till the end of the year with your GTX 465.

    Hell, I'm still using a GTX280 for Bad Company 2. I'm in the same boat as you, I have about 300 dollars to spend on an upgraded graphics card and I don't want to go buy a GTX570 and then 3 months later a badass new 600 series comes out.

    I'm a big fan of nVidia - however the way their work on Kepler is going, things aren't looking as good as the new 7000 series from ATI.

    ATI seems way more on track to have something out to the public by the time Battlefield 3 comes out. While my experience with ATI isn't the best, if they can get the next generation in my hands before BF3 comes out and at a reasonable price. I'd be willing to go with them this time around.

    The BETA for BF3 should be around in about 3 or 4 weeks, you can see what you need to do then.
  4. I would just hold out and wait, I know that is not an easy thing to do but in the long run it is better to just kick the can down the road. Plus look at all the Fermi era cards that are failing.
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  6. Thanks for the replies. I think I will just wait it out probably till the 7000 series my card should be fine till then.
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