Would like some input before I buy,

Hi guys, newbie to PC building here, been lurking on this website for a while and finally decided to post. I have currently put this together on PCpartpicker - http://pcpartpicker.com/p/1JvA

I'm looking for some insight on how to make this a bit closer to $600, but still being able to run things like:


Battlefield 3


League of Legends AND being able to stream it at the same time


Any other games I find on sale on steam.

I plan on upgrading this computer after a year or two, so I'm looking for parts that tend to be slightly future-proof. My budget is 600-700 $USD's, preferably $600 but if it makes more sense to spend $700 then I'll do it. I already have a monitor, keyboard, and mouse, all of which are USB (except for the monitor, which is DVI/HDMI).

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  1. of minecraft you can basically run with any pc today.

    But with bf3 and skyrim you will need a pretty hardcore pc to run in hight quality!

    So i would suggest that you start off buying the things that wont age too fast like your


    Pc case
    Cpu cooler (make sure its compatible with the best of the best)
    Optical drive (Dvd or blue ray drive)


    Psu (make sure its large and reliable enough to wait a wile)
    Dard drive/s
    Operating system
    Anti Virus



    Mouse (You are sorted)
    Keyboard (you are sorted)
    Monitor (you are sorted)

    If you do this you not only wait for a great special you give the brands you want time to drop somewhat.

    When you get to the last stage you dont have to worry about spending your money on hdds or optical drives when you rather could spend that cash to buy a ultimate gaming pc.

    thats what im doing right now and im almost on the last stage, When you do this you will have a reliable gaming pc for up to 6 - 8 years of no problems in games.

    A final word of advice it will be tough and you will feel like you what to kill someone but its worth it. Check all reviews and everything about the size of the case, The power consumption of the hardware and everything, I did so much research i can tell you exactly everything about the hardware and what to look for and what to look out for and what is reliable and not.

    Any other help selecting i will be glad to help you out

    Good luck and remember what i have told you now.
  2. I'm not a huge AMD follower, but I believe you still need 1.5V RAM, not that 1.65V RAM you have in the build.

    If I'm wrong, feel free to correct me.
  3. Sounds like all you are interested in truly is the price and not the quality/performance, According to your above statements. Cheaper is not always better and in all honestly dirtyferret, all I was stating was you should buy all the least important components before the cpu,Gpu,Mb and ram. This way of buying and planning will get you a better performing pc for the long run.
  4. Ok but he also said that he wants a pc that is future proof and thats what i was replying on and offered some advice.
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