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Budget graphics card for medium-medium high end build

Hi everyone,

Could anyone recommend me a few graphics cards to go with my build? At the moment I'm running onboard graphics, 6550D
that runs my games on medium settings. First time buyer for a graphics card, I only play rolder games for now, Diablo II, Starcraft II, CS:Source, and potentially Diablo 3 when it drops. I'll be looking to play higher end games once I find a graphics card to use...just need help deciding :D Thanks.

My build is:

AMD A8-3850 Llano CPU
G-Skill 2x2 GB 1333MHz RAM
Corsair 600cx w PSU
Screen Resolution: 1920x1080
OS: Windows 7 64 bit
Case: Antec 300
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  1. 5770 or a 6850/70 gts450 or a gtx550ti.

    As for the cpu well lol I got a a4 3300m with a 6480D on my laptop.
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    yeah 5770, 6850(if you want a higher spec but with a lower budget) 6870

    I have both a 5770 and a 6870 Black Edition form XFX. Really great gaming from both these cards.

    FYI - the 5770 is known for being a bang-for-buck card so you can;t go wrong with it. Remember, the 6770 is not a next-gen 6xxx series card, its just a rebadged 5770 with a slight higher OC. Otherwise it has the same engine under that cooler shroud.

    Hope this helps :)
  3. Thanks for the quick reply guys, the XFX5770 is the one i'm gonna go for, heard some good things about it so imma make the purchase : )
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  5. and thank YOU for the vote!!!
    Enjoy the card :)
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