I5 2500k on z77 or z68 MOBO?

i have i5 2500k and now using z68 MOBO.. i heard a lot of people said that intel second gen is really compatible with z68's chipset but, i'm really confuse either i need to change the MOBO from z68 to z77 since i have GPU gtx 670 which used pci-e 3.0.. but my z68 have only pci-e 2.0 slot.. i'm worry if my z68 will bottleneck my system.. but at a same time i don't want to waste my money just for the same performance.. i will change the MOBO if you guys tell me to do so.. maybe for the future.. but please help me.. thanks guys..
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  1. Do not worry about the GTX670 it can use the PCIe 2.0 slot,but if you want to upgrade the processor to an Ivybridge and do SLI then go with the z77 motherboard.
  2. Not to worry.
    The even older P67 and gtx680 get along fine.
    There might be a difference of 0.1 fps.
  3. You can use your current motherboard with Ivy Bridge CPUs and with PCIe 3.0 graphics cards. PCIe is backwards compatible. The only PCIe conflict that I'm aware of is using some PCIe 2.1 cards in some old PCIe 1.x motherboards. Otherwise, you should be fine.
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