No monitor signal after failed BIOS Flash

I have a M5A97 motherboard that I flashed with the latest BIOS ROM ( Everything went smoothly, and it asked me to restart the computer to finalize the update. After this, the screen went black. I let it simmer for about 10 minutes, and it stayed the same. I powered down the computer, then turned it back on, hoping it would solve the problem. The monitor no longer receives a signal from the computer. I've tried clearing the CMOS and removing the CMOS battery, then replacing it, to no avail. I really need help.
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  1. Can you try to reflash the BIOS with the motherboard CD? Otherwise you will most likely have to order a BIOS chip from ASUS, with the latest updates for your motherboard. Not a very hard task to change out the BIOS chip IF! you have the proper extraction tool.
  2. Do I just stick the cd in to start the reflashing process?
  3. ASUS changed things since I purchased my board, On you support DVD go to the Manual Menu and read section 3.10.3 Asus BIOS Updater I hope this will help.
  4. How do I get to this when the monitor doesn't get a signal? :/
  5. Next step is to contact ASUS and see if there is any way to recover the BIOS, otherwise order a new bios chip from them and instll it yourself.
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