Asus P8Z77-V DRAM LED issues

hello there.

i thought id as here for some help.

i recently decided to build a new pc. got all my parts and then problems started. i got:

Asus P8Z77-V Motherboard
MSI GeForce GTX 660Ti Power Edition OC 2GB
Arctic Cooling Freezer i30
Samsung SSD 830 SATA III 128GB
Enermax Galaxy 1000W EGA1000EWL


Plugged everything in only bare bones: motherboard, cpu, psu, ram and cpu cooler and i got this damn DRAM LED flashing up. Ok so i hit that button to do its 'tuning' stuff. it didnt helped no matter how many times i would press it. Tried 1 stick, 2 sticks, all in different slots, no luck. then decided to upgrade bios to the latest version. Lucky this time this DRAM LED stopped flashing. i plugged my monitor into dvi (integrated video card on motherboard) and i got to BIOS!! although all image was really distorted and looked like some kind of video card artifacts. ok so i decided to plug in my msi 660ti card and my ssd and this time there was no artifacts on screen and i got to windows. everything was lighting fast. booted in from cold boot to windows in like 6-7 seconds. P.S. before i got into windows for the first time, in bios i set xmp to profile1 so my Patriot memory would work at 2133ghz instead of 1600. ok so windows now started to download some kind of video card drivers. it installed and asked me to restart pc. i hit restart on screen and it shows me 'windows shuting down'. but it wouldn't. after liek 5min of waiting i decided to restart pc. but it wont do it. so i hold power buton for like 20 sec and still pc wont switch off. so i just switched off my psu. now when i start my pc again i see this damn DRAM LED flashing. and this time it will stay liek this all the time. doesnt matter how many time i try to do that tuning. i took my video card and unpluged ssd, reseted jumpers and even took a battery out. nothing helped. i turn pc and as always all fans a sniping and dram light is on.

So i thought maybe there patiot rams are not really compatible with my motherboard. i decided to buy cheap rams that are QVL on my MB manual. i got Kingston rams. Placed them again as sugested by manual into slots A2 and B2, powered on and hit DRAM LED button. it restarted and this time red light was gone. but a VGA LED on MB was light on on there was no post or any picture on screen. i thought ok whatever i'll plug my msi card. and what a hell this DRAM light switched on again. (i really hate this DRAM). i took my msi out and tried to start pc again. but still, red light is perma on. im really tired of this asus nonsense with DRAM button. even suported ram wont work after i plug something additionally. like vga. my psu is working fine. in fact im writing from my old pc which is powered by the same psu.

there were some beeps. although they seem to come from psu. because at the back of cpu every like 10-15sec it would make a short beep and psu light would turn red for a sec (and 4 times like that) during DRAM 'tuning' once its done, beeping would stop and red light would stay on. i will show u a video that i took once i updated my bios. u can see all screen is in red when it shouldn't, same in bios. all images is distorted. (it would show fine that one time i managed to get in bios using my msi 660ti). and i will try to uplaod now a video to show how motherboard behaves once i turn it one and what beeps my psu? makes. the red light u see on on MB is just a BOOT LED (means no booting device, no hdd or ssd connected at that time) and u can also see a red light blinking next to cpu during a tuning process few times. any advice would be greatly appreciated.

heres a video with beeps. near the end of video u can see the back of my psu and its LED turning red when beeps
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  1. P.S my CPU is i5-3570K 3.40GHz
  2. I had the same problem with P8Z77-V LK, I rmad it, working again :)
  3. i also feel like its an issue with a MB. can it be like that? it works for a bit, then it doesn't, then again,then again doesn't. freaking annoying really. i never had a faulty MB before

    P.s. did u got the same model of MB back from RMA?
  4. yeah they returned same model. I also went through many steps (buying new ram, testing other psu, and cpu) but mobo was most likely.
  5. they sent a brand new or they fixed same board. im thinking of just sending it back to amazon as a faulty unit :(
  6. I think it was brand new, it wasn't in a retail box though.
  7. solved. issue was with my psu. replased with bran new one and now works liek a charm. although that psu works fine on my old rig. starnge thx for any help anyway
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