Monitor blank after cpu and MOBO upgrade


I have just upgraded my computers motherboard and CPU.

Asrock H77 pro4/MVP
Intel i5 3570
2* 4gb corsair vengeance 1600mhz ram
GeForce 550ti superclocked
500gb hard drive with win7 64bit OS installed

I have tried starting the system with only the CPU, HDD and ram installed but still no result.

Please help.
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  1. See if the system will post without the hard drive connected, if it does then reconnect hard drive and try to boot in safe mode.
  2. I have just realized the need to connect the 12v 8 pin connector in conjunction with the 24 pin ATX power cable.

    This results in the the computer fans switching on for approximately 10 seconds and the computer restarts- this is continuous.
    Again nothing displays on the motherboard.
  3. I may have had the same problem. I had 2 corsair vengance chips, and they were denoted weird. they had 2x4GB per chip. so I had 16 GB of ram. it really screwed me up.
    Try putting in some smaller ram chips if you have them.

    Hope this helps :D
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