Cheapest Motherboard for the FX-8320

a link to it would be sweet, and would be nice if its compatible with gtx 470. in terms of features, OCing doesnt really matter, neither does sli or crossfire. im on a budget atm, will prob upgrade to a better mobo in a few months, but atm a decent cheap mobo will have to do. once again, a link would be nice. i will be spending 180 on the 8320, so 50-70 is around how much i want to spend :D
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  1. 1: what is your propsed rig specs. ill help clean it up. and a budget
    2: also would like to know what you are using this rig for. if its gaming, look at intel. if its workstation related, you are on the right track

    nevertheless, heres a good motherboard. note that it makes more sense to get a good motherboard now rather than getting a cheap one and a good one later on
  2. gtx 470
    600 watt psu
    2x 250 Seagate 7200 rpm HDD
    basically all i have atm besides case and a few fans
    but yeah, i may just save up and get a decent one, i dont see
    why some are much better than others though.
  3. the cheapest board is easy to find, the best board is different
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    :hello: I brought this one for FX 8320:

    1. Has VRM Cooling,by far most important addition to this low cost board, by looking at it i think it has VRM of its sibling but costly one "GA 970A DS3".
    2. internal USB3 connector so your front USB 3 output will work, this feature is not there in many 970, 880 etc and costlier MB.
    3.Supports 32 GB RAM, and CPU upto 125W.

    other than those i have not found anything disappointing yet. i have NOT TRIED overclocking yet on this so cant comment on that.
    this is the lowest price+best features+quality MB i could find.
    MSI seems to have lost their touch a bit with their MB failure rate, and ASUS though good build quality seems to lack on customer support.
    Just my two cents. :D
    AND COngrtas on your FX 8320 Enjoy. :D :bounce:
  5. You can buy any one of the following list depending on your budget:

    ASUS 9 series Mother Board like M5A97, M5A97 Evo, M5A990FX, M5a990 x
  6. the asus 9 series what i would get

    for the case, id suggest getting a fractal arc midi for 70 bucks at newegg. original price is 100 and has awesome build quality

    my recommendation for the motherboard is correct
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