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Amd athlon x2 250

So i know you cant really unlock or even overclock athlon x2 250 that much however, i wanted to get a taste of overclocking so was wondering if it was possible to overclock my cpu to atleast 3.6/3.7 with voltage less then 1.4? I know the multiplier is locked so i can only increase the reference doing in increments of 5 BUT when i changed it to 2.5 from 200 my voltage now is showing as 1.43 on cpuz? What the heck did i do wrong? I am new at this, learned somewhat from watching youtube videos and reading up on ocing.
Oh i have a M5A78L-M LX motherboard, a 550 W psu..waiting for my vidcard to show up by tomorrow!. I also 8 gb RAM that are working at i think 687 mhz freq?
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  1. Does your board have an auto setting for the CPU Vcore? If so set it to manual.
  2. oh okay i will set it to manual. SO after running my first Prime 95 for 15 minutes i got 10 tests done with no errors. My temperatures were max 51C for my cpu and my mb temp never got higher then 38C. My vcore was at a 1.50 (i think thats high right?) but usually was around 1.48. At idle though my vcore is at 1.18. My cpu on cpu-z has shown that my cpu was at 3.5 ghs! SO i achieved overclocking to 3.5 ghz which means i think right? In the windows experience though it still shows a 3.00 ghz?
  3. kk so i cant set it to manual setting it only allows me to either pick auto or use +/- to change the that what im supposed to do? I just read that for my cpu the safe vcore is at 1.425.
    Also another weird thing, my amd overdrive show that my cpu infact is at 2.5 (lower then stock which was 3.0 ghz) yet cpuz shows a 3.5? Wth?
  4. alright another update..i have my asus pc probe thingy running and it keeps showing my vcore going up to 1.52 if i say had to run cpu-z or amd overdrive or anything that uses the cpu, is that bad? My temps dont go above 35C they stay there. I was running the WEI and my vcore went up to 1.52 and my cpu temp went up to 51C.
    Though idle, my vcore is 1.19 and my temp is 32-33C.
  5. Your temps look good, but the Vcore is high. Go back into the bios and set it for 1.45 and make sure you're still stable. Assuming you are, keep bumping it down in small increments until your not stable anymore then go back up one step.

    No clue about WEI. I don't use it and don't like it.
  6. kk will do, will run prime 95 after each test and then report back. Lol ya i hate WEI too but i thought if i had successfully overclocked then stupid windows would atleast show it but nope it doesnt.
  7. I think you have to rerun WEI after you make changes. I doesn't auto recalc.

    I'd do more then one run of prime. Multiple run or at least 2hrs of stress.
  8. oh really, what i was doing was changing then booting to desktop and running prime for 15 minutes then going back in bios and changing. I will run it for 2 hours now. Although last time i ran for good 20 minutes and my temps stayed around 49C with vcore of 4.5. Im running at 1.43 and seeing what i get. Im tempted to change my frequency from 235 to 240 but prob not a good idea seeing as im running with stock heat sink lol
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    You can test for around 30min when your adjusting a lot. But your final OC should be stressed for at least 8hrs.

    It's impractical to test for 8hrs at every setting. As you think you get closer to the end result, start testing for longer periods of time.
  10. kk well i think i found my threshold. I just did it for 1 hr prolly do it a little more later on. But it gave me a BSOD when i turned all the way to 240 on my frequency. After turning back to 235 my temps do not exceed 48C and my vcore is set at 1.42. Overall i have raised my cpu from 3.0 ghz to 3.56 ghz. ANd this was my first time overclocking too.
    Ocing is fun as heck!
    Thanks for your help btw dude
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