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I just built a pc and I'm rockin an amd fx 6100 processor. So far I have been using the stock cooler, which had not been giving me problems, but one day while gaming I noticed things were getting HOT...well not too hot, but it felt warmer than I downloaded a program to check cpu temps while gaming, and I reach a max temp of 71*C while running games. During web browsing I am between 40*C to 45*C (depending on what I'm doing of course) and I idle at 36*C. Those last two temps don't bother me, but seeing a temp of 71 while gaming has got me thinking about purchasing an after market cooler.

After lots of research, I am torn between what to buy. I want something that will bring me down at least 20*C while gaming, but not to turn to crap after a year. It seems like cpu coolers go to crap after a while, and I want something good that will last...any suggestions?
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  1. Hyper 212+ or evo.
  2. Be Quiet Dark Rock PRO BK016 CPU Cooler

    High-end CPU Cooler for the toughest demands
    The Dark Rock C1 range of coolers is designed for the enthusiastic PC user who expects a great deal from their computer: performance, reliability and a very quiet operation.

    The be quiet! Dark Rock PROC1 combines maximum cooling efficiency with a pleasantly quiet operation. With an extremely low noise level, efficient cooling is provided for gaming, multimedia and CAD systems even at maximum processing power. This CPU cooler is enhanced by the high-quality materials used, as well as its attractive design.

    Extremely efficient
    • The seven three-dimensional moulded heat pipes work rapidly to transport the heat with the help of an oxygen-free copper layer (OFC) to the optimum point within the cooling lamellas.
    • The double-tower layout with seven heat pipes enables the best heat dissipation from every single cooling lamella.

    Nice and quiet
    • Two 120-mm SilentWings PWM fans guarantee the best ratio of cooling efficiency to noise level.
    • The wave-shaped contour of the cooling lamellas prevents noises and optimises the airflow.

    High-quality materials
    • The fan surfaces are coated in dark nickel.
    • The brushed, fully aluminium cover connects the fan to a closed unit.
    • The stable backplate ensures a shockproof attachment, even when transporting the computer.

  3. The hyper 212+/evo is a great budget option. But how is your case airflow? 36 idle is a bit high even for stock (unless you live in a hot place?).
  4. grumbledook said:
    The hyper 212+/evo is a great budget option. But how is your case airflow? 36 idle is a bit high even for stock (unless you live in a hot place?).

    My case is a thermaltank V3 black edition, which is a mesh case so I don't think air flow is the problem. It's not hot where I am because it's winter. Although my case is close to a register vent, which is blasting heat (not onto the pc just by it) but I plugged it up with a towel and got the same results, so that doesn't seem to be the problem.
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    If you're using that case in stock config.(1 rear 120mm exhaust fan) you need at least another fan for proper airflow.= front intake
    Personally i'd add 2 more 120mm fans = 1 front intake,1 top exhaust.
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  7. Well I got two new fans... I put one in the front and the other on the side panel since it wouldn't fit on the top (my RAM was in the way). Now I am at 55*C full load and 30*C at idle. Very happy.
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